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Instructions for bonding film

Instructions for bonding film / protective display.

How to properly replace the protective coating for the display of the iPhone, iPod, iPad and mobile devices

We begin by stating that the film protective covering and protector in this case refer to the same thing.

And one more clarification that this is the most common and popular protective coatings which consist of three parts, the very film that you use is in the middle. Most often foreign films that you need to remove are marked with 1 and 2, you first need to remove the number 1 (usually marked with "please peel off this mask before application"). On the market there are other films that are applied differently, so before you place a protective coating / film, read the instructions given by the manufacturer.
Another important point is that you need to put the film in a very clean environment if you want to put it really well. If you try the office, cafe or shop, probably under the film (between it and the display) will remain speck that raises and produces a bubble of air that does not look good. And this type of films can be removed and placed again. Keep in mind that once you insert the film will be extremely difficult to remove it and reinsert it. Ideally put it in the bathroom

Follow the steps given below to install the cover properly:

Attention: Before you start the application of the coating, please clean very well display device on which you apply the liner. If the display remain prints or small debris, coverage will not look good on them.

1. For starters, clean your device very well and work on a clean surface. Film / protective coating consists of three parts. Only protective cover is in the middle and on both sides there are film (adjacent foil) you need to remove the before and after application of the protective coating.

Warning: most films / coatings protective marking with numbers 1 and 2 indicate which part to remove the first. 1 is marked - please peel off this mask before application, a 2 - please peel off this mask after application completed.

2. Peel only a small part of the front of the adjacent foil (1-please peel off this mask before application). Fold pull a bit and using the camera, Home button or the front camera / speaker as a guide, apply the detachment of the protective coating on the phone.

Caution: See to it that the cover is correctly matches the borders of the phone, not skewed.

3. Gradually, using a credit card or squeegee, both peel off the protective film covering which is glued and glued to the phone.

4. If the display has other bubbles, push them out of cloth, rubber or credit card.

5. Once you seal coat is not advisable to remove it for adjustment or alignment.

6. Similarly put on the back cover and the smartphone and tablets.