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Secure payment.

Our secure payment method

1. Payment by bank transfer

Accounts lev:
IBAN: BG10STSA93000021065012

Bank: DSK Bank

Reason for payment: Your chosen model + (order number)



Stefan Kovachev - Manager
Person: Stefan Kovachev

ID: 20603038
VAT: BG202603038

Bulgaria, Sofia - 1680
Borovo Swallow Street,
bl. 226 ent. C apt. 53, 7th floor


2. Pay with  (work) 

Pay attention to the following:
Before you choose to pay by ePay,
make sure that the panel page you have selected currency lev BGN.
ePay payments shall be made only in lev.
Reason for payment:
SYSPRICE + (order number)


3. Pay with PayPal (work)

Pay attention to the following:
Before you choose to pay by PayPal,
panel of the page select currency EUR Euro.
The system will recalculate prices euro exchange rate
and payment to PayPal will be reflected properly in euro.
If you let the price lev, for example 29 lev
PayPal will affect 29 euros.
is because the modulus of PayPal
take payment from the field value of the sum
i.e. not analyze what is the currency.


What Is PayPal?


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Why use PayPal?


  • Make purchases or send money with PayPal - it's free
  • Shop and pay conveniently by saving your information with PayPal
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4. Cash

The courier, who will deliver the goods, pay the cost of your order + courier fee which depends on the value of the cash on delivery of the shipment weight and distance.

To place an order for your desired product, you must first register on the site, and if you have already done so, log in to your account. The next step is to enter the correct mailing address to be used for the delivery of the order if you have not selected - in the office. Can vavdedete several addresses to choose for delivery. For example, the address of your loved ones. So they can make a gift.
The commentary can add true desires and specifications. For example: "- candidates for me an invoice." For this to happen, you would need to enter any data for it.

Once you have finished adding products you want in the shopping cart, choose payment.
Open your form information delivery. It has only two options. The first (default)
is the - Receive the store, and the second - Econt.
Below the choice box - Add a comment or your requirements for this contract. Enter what you have to specify if you want (the field is not required)
and click on the - Continue.
If your choice is getting to the store the next form that opens a method of payment. Here you have four options:
1 - Payment receipt;
2 - Bank Transfer;
3 -;
4 - PayPal.
If you have a voucher code that gives you a discount - for example - Loyalty - 5%, enter it in order to calculate the discount on your entire amount.
Select the option you want in the box I have read and agree to the orders and deliveries, put tick (it is recommended to read this manual) and click on the - Continue.

The next form that opens you a payment. Here you see all details about payment - all amounts, discounts and payment totals. Depending on the chosen method of payment you will go to the payment when you click on the button - Confirm the order. Upon payment - Upon receipt in the store - with that your order will be completed and in the other ways will wait for confirmation of the payment, and then you can take to the store you ordered products.

However, if the form of information delivery choose Econt, you appear all the details that you have the opportunity to choose from in detail on delivery. In the next screen you have the choice of payment method. Him choose how to pay. If you select a payment method other than NP - Cash payment, then the courier does not pay anything.

These are the main things that can help those who first shop in our online store. Before payment is good to read the instructions Conditions of Use, because there are particular features of the various modes of payment.

Happy shopping in our store!