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Terms of Use


1. is a website that is owned and represents the activity of the company SYSPRICE LTD.

2. Site available products that SYSPRICE is a direct importer and products that the company is distributor.

3. The site also provides the following services: detailed product information, the possibility of online purchasing, delivery of products ordered.

4. These terms provide information to consumers about their rights when using the information and services on the site. Each person running the site is bound by the rules of these terms and conditions at the time of entry into the site until his departure.

5. SYSPRICE reserves the right to make changes to the data and conditions without prior announcement.


Working with personal information that you can optionally send to Dostavchika in order to obtain products or services offered on this website is protected na Law on Protection of Personal Data. You may not posting or transmitting to or from this website any unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or other information in violation of applicable law. Supplier uses personal information to better understand your needs and interests so we can provide you with services of better quality. In some cases we use the information you sent to help you request an order or execute a transaction, to maintain contact with you to inform you about our products, services and offers, to personalize promotional offers. We do not use in any other way you send personal information.


1.Potrebitelyat may refuse ordered and delivered products in the following cases:
a) the apparent inconsistency of the product delivered to the order, which can be detected with a simple review of the product;
b) the product has undergone defect during transportation;
c) the price at delivery does not meet the pre-agreed price;
d) did not meet the deadline of delivery.

The above claims are valid at the time of receipt of the order. Apart from the above cases, as well as outside the terms of Article 55 (paragraph 1) of the CPA, the customer has no right to refuse to pay the return shipment delivery. If you wish to do so is not entitled to a refund and bear the cost of transport.

2. When goods are replaced upon delivery and it is impossible to determine at the time of delivery, the product is replaced after being inspected to determine non-compliance without the user to pay additional costs.

3. Pri hidden defect of the product are valid warranty as described on the website.

4. In cases where the user is not a warranty card from SYSPRICE, and by the manufacturer, he turns directly to the workshops mentioned therein.



1. Under Article 55 (paragraph 1) of the CPA user can exercise his rights within 7 days, if the product is preserved in the form in which they were received, without being used. Returning the products in this case at the expense of the consumer.

2. According to Art. 113 and 117 of the CPA client shall bear no cost from the time of submission of service order until its end.

3. According to Art. 120 of the Consumer Protection Act, the seller is responsible for the lack of conformity of consumer goods with the contract of sale.


1. Users can take advantage of free resources on the site with the restrictions described in these terms and conditions or other valid restrictions.

2. Provided information and pictures are subject to copyright SYSPRICE. Downloading or printing of pages of the site is acceptable if it does not violate copyright law and related rights (CRRA). Site users may not copy, distribute or use texts, images or parts of this site without express authorization SYSPRICE. Unauthorized use is a screenshot of the site without the express consent of SYSPRICE. Users may not use the programs for automated download of any information from this site without the express consent of the company, or to overload the site with bogus information (flood).

3. Site users are not allowed to perform acts that violate generally established rules of communication, to perform malicious actions, dissemination of viruses and similar damaging or violating the rights or interests of third parties. Not allowed to perform malicious orders on behalf of another person without, his consent.

4. Users may not distribute pornographic material through the site, pictures or other material foreign copyright, diagrams, logos, etc., The object of another's intellectual property rights, calls for a change of the civil and public order or illegally obtained information such detrimental to property or moral rights or interests of third parties.


1. SYSPRICE not responsible for possible incidental deficiencies related to timeliness of information that supports the site, is not responsible for the consequences, including any damages arising from or connected in any way connected with access to or use of this site, is not responsible for the integrity of the information on this site from computer viruses or other threats. Information presented on the site is in compliance with current legislation, its use by users is voluntary and on their own initiative.

2. SYSPRICE no responsibility for the completeness, validity and substance of the information contained in sites to which there are links (hyperlinks)

3. SYSPRICE not liable for any damages caused to the user when using the services on the site. SYSPRICE does not guarantee free and uninterrupted access to the domain

4. SYSPRICE not responsible for the sudden depletion of stocks.

5. SYSPRICE not responsible for inaccuracies in the information about the goods provided by the manufacturer.

6. SYSPRICE not be liable for delay or failure to perform its obligations for reasons beyond our control.

7. SYSPRICE undertakes to comply with the agreements with the customer due diligence.